DIY: Style up your old shoes

    every girl knows this: there is this one pair of shoes – old, dirty – kind of boring, but sooo comfortable and you just can’t let them go. i want to show you mine: i just had to do something – as soon as i found the new Henkel “Loctite Style” superglue in my mail […] Read more…


    Shop: Goldentrash

    Diese Woche hab ich meine Schulfreundin Diana in ihrem Store “Goldentrash” besucht. Der Shop hat im Februar diesen Jahres eröffnet und ich hab Diana sicher schon ca. 10 Jahre nicht mehr gesehen! Wahrscheinlich waren’s sogar mehr… Ich war wirklich beeindruckt von dem süßen kleinen Shop den sie sich da aufgebaut hat. Die Kleidung ist für […] Read more…


    Outfit: Romantic End Of Summer

    hey nomsies! hope all of you had a great summer yet. as you know i went to the Schönbrunner Zoo a few days ago. i was impressed by the beautiful garden and got inspired to do a sweet & flowery shooting. i love my new vero moda dress – it combines everything i look for […] Read more…


    GTL: Marzia Bisognin

    hey nomsies! this is the start of a new category, i hope you guys like it. it’s called “get the look”. i love to create my own style, but sometimes i love to get some ideas from stylish people like other fashion blogger, vlogger, magazines or whatever… :D today i created a style inspired by […] Read more…


    Outfit: Oriental Black

    hey nomsies! it’s the official holiday-start for school kids today here in austria and the sun is shining bright! i love to go for little walks to enjoy nice weather. i’m always happy to live in a big city but also have lots of green spots to go to. last time i just went through […] Read more…


    Outfit: Yellow Surfing Bear

    markus loves to combine shorts with long sleeved shirts or sweaters. i’ll never understand under which weather conditions you usually wear this combination. anyway i think it looks really cool – especially the wave-pattern printed shorts. the wooden boat plugs he’s wearing were a present i gave him a few months ago. i think they […] Read more…

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