DIY: Style up your old shoes

every girl knows this: there is this one pair of shoes – old, dirty – kind of boring, but sooo comfortable and you just can’t let them go. i want to show you mine:


i just had to do something – as soon as i found the new Henkel “Loctite Style” superglue in my mail i started right away. i’m so happy to take part in the “Loctite-Blogger: Style up your…”- competition, ’cause i have now the opportunity to show you how easy it is to make something boring to something special.

first of all – i cleaned my shoes with pure water & a sponge and made sure they are dry before i start to work on them.

next i prepared all things i need to style them up. i used:


then i threaded the strings through the loop of the shoes and glued them to the rim. i applied decorative pearls all around the heel and on the loop and that’s it, basically. i had to make sure that i glued the pearls on the spots i wanted, ’cause the superglue is drying literally in one second.

i’m perfectly satisfied with the final outcome and looking forward to wear them again. i hope there will be still a few warm days and i don’t have to wait ’til next spring.


if you like them i’d be endlessly happy to see you voting for me again for the “Loctite Blogger: Style up your…” – Competition. you’ll get all information at the Nerds Of Munch-Facebook page. thank you sooo much for supporting me!





2 Comments on DIY: Style up your old shoes

    • Ela - Nerds of Munch
      16. September 2014 at 19:24 (7 years ago)

      Sehr cool, hoffe ihr hattet auch so viel Spaß wie ich :)


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