CC – Carrot Cake


your friends are going to be stunned by this delicious „Crowd Controlling Carrot Cake”.

ingredients you need are:


(if you need a grams-to-cup converter klick here:  )

preheat oven to 180 °C. put the green ingredients into a bowl and the blue ingredients (mix eggs and sugar first until it gets really creamy) into another bowl. put then the ingredients from the blue bowl into the green one und mix it all up. at the end stir in the carrots & walnuts and pour everything in a silicone cake pan. bake for 50 min.


you see? It’s not very complicated.

everytime i battle Hoptallus in the WoW stormstout brewery dungeon and he does this carrot breath trickytrick, i wonder if he just had to much carrot cake. but who can blame him? it’s easy & yummy (and even as fluffy as his bunny companions)!


hope you enjoy the Carrot Cake as much as Hoptallus and me!



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