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hey nomsies!

i really would love to stream and make great videos for you guys! i still need some equipment to make that happen and to make my gaming experience more joyful.


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  1. i just ordered the Microsoft LifeStudio Webcam. i borrowed it for a week to test it and I think it’s perfect for my purposes. i’m going to use it for streaming and doing videos.
  2. i’m searching for a nice gaming-keyboard. my boyfriend owns the Razer Black Widow keyboard and it’s just as loud as a drill hammer – can’t stand it! love the Razer design though. i found the Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard online, but i have to try it first. i really need a calm one – if you guys have any suggestions, please leave me a comment – thank you :)
  3. i’d love to be flexible, even with my gaming stuff. when i go to LANs i always have to carry the heavy stuff around (ok…i only have to carry the screens and my boyfriend has to cart the rest – but screens are heavy as well!! :D). see, it would be great to have a nice gaming laptop to be more independent. i can’t afford it right now, but maybe someday an Alienware Gaming Laptop will be mine! (it’s even better than my desktop pc)
  4. i play with a Razer Naga epic mouse and use a 1 € mousepad that already falls apart. it would be great to have one that lasts longer than 6 months, so i put the Razer Kabuto Mobile Mouse Mat on my wishlist.
  5. i already own a great Logitech headset and it would be stupid to buy a new one, so i have to wait until it gets broken. my next one will be a Razer Kraken Headset in neon blue for sure – i just fell in love with them!



picture: Razer


stay yummy!



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