New in: Shadow of Mordor

on 30th september “middle earth: shadow of mordor” was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PS 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. i preordered the game and already had the chance to play a bit.


i play on pc but use an x-box controller and am very satisfied with that. movement and fighting is very smooth using a controller. the story takes place between “the hobbit” and “lord of the rings” but has nothing specific to do with the main LOTR story. it’s a bonus for fans but even if you don’t know anything about the main story you’re able to enjoy and discover a new one.

you are playing Talion who is cursed and now banished from death and connected with “the ghost” of Celebrimbor – forger of the rings of power.

i’m a little bit sad that you can’t create your own character (’cause that’s one of my favourite things to do), but it’s ok ’cause it wouldn’t work well with the story. at least there’s a skill tree to choose your abilities from when gaining enough experience. your weapons are a sword, a dagger and a bow and your goal is to break the curse by killing the Black Hand of Sauron who killed Talions wife and son. at some point you’re even able to control your own ork army fighting for you, but i’m not that far yet. all i can say by now is that i love the graphics, i want to learn more about the story and i love the interactions you are able to do while stealthing or fighting. jumping from higher buildings or cliffs and climbing up totally reminds on Assasins Creed. especially because i equipped “my” Talion with a hood – just looks so awesome!

have a look at the “shadow of morder: banished from death” trailer:

ok, have to go now… kill aaaaall the Uruks!



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