Meet Ela

hey guys!

this is my first post ever – sooo excited!
first of all i want to thank everyone who helped me setting up this blog!

second – you maybe want to know who i am and what i do.
i’m a dietetics student and I was born 26 years ago in vienna. i’m the owner of two clumsy cats – i really love them, they are the best! :D

i started playing video games with my dad and my brother when I was a little girl. My dad played lots of adventure games with me (indiana jones, monkey island) and i still love that kind of games! my favourites right now are „the wolf among us“ and „the walking dead“. my brother and me used to play games where we could battle each other, i’m still a competitive person sometimes.
i started playing mmos one year ago with my boyfriend. i instantly fell in love with this type of games, cause you can create your own characters and explore different worlds. Before i met him i was more the console-playing person. My favourite game (series) ever is mass effect 1-3 – totally looking forward to play part 4!

here’s a list of online games i play:
• hearthstone
• wow
• teso

i stream hearthstone on twitch, my nickname is Draela. unfortunately very irregular at the moment – i still need some streaming equipment like a better web-cam. my goal is to stream online games regularly.

i love food (who doesn’t?!) and passionately look for new easy and tasty recipes. i’d love to share some with you guys! you can always tell me if you’re interested in specific nutrition/food topics ;)

most girls love to go shopping – so do i. comfy clothes are a must, but they should also look nice. i don’t have a big budget to go shopping, but i like to create styles for specific occasions. i’m not only interested in girls clothes – i love to advise male friends too.

if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

stay yummy!


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