Q&A: Kitty-Cats

there’s nothing better than staying in bed, staring at the rain outside and cuddeling with my cuties Mia & Cleo at weekends like this.


those who follow me on Instagram know that Mia is the cuddler and Cleo is the princess, but you also have some questions concerning my kitties – so here’s a Q&A :)

Q: Cleo looks so funny, what’s wrong with her ears?

A: Cleo is a scottish fold, the floppy ears are caused by a natural gene-mutation, so nothing’s wrong with her ears. some say she looks like a little owl thogh. :D

Q: They look like babies all the time! how old are your cats?

A: Cleo is 3 years old & Mia is turning 1 in october. yup, they are pretty small kitties ;)

Q: Wich breed of cats are they?

A: Mia is a british shorthair and has typical grey-brown coloured fur, whilst Cleo is a silver-tabby scottish fold.




Cleo is the lone wolf and Mia is more likely to cuddle, especially in the morning. they are both very clumsy and the typical box-loving, not-giving-a-f* about cat toy-cats. the greatest things in their world are bottle caps and plastic/paper bags. so lucky, they never bite or scratch and love to sleep in the cat carrier (yup, they’re strange :D).




 “The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats…” – Albert Schweitzer

with this in mind i wish all of my nomsies a cosy and relaxed weekend!




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